And the saga went on and on and so well .......

Years ago Trocadero transported us to a "Tree Top" in Africa thanks to Lorenzo Queipo de Llano who knew how to arrange every detail and put it in place to reflect the best taste and recreate that kind of plan that just may not leave you indifferent. Something unique and special. A total success.

After opening Trocadero Arena, Trocadero Playa and Trocadero Sotogrande (of which we´ll talk in following blogs), last May they surprised us with the new Trocadero "Entre Dunas". A roll and applause, it is a total delight.

It is located in Playa del Pinillo (fantastic by the way) and with the added attraction that located in any restaurant table we see nothing but sand and views. Not a single building.

The entrance, with a wooden path and lanterns with a view of the Berber tent, tells you what is to come and brings out emotions. And those emotions do not decay when you arrive and see the tent but not only because of the tables on the beach dressed with Kikoys are just beautiful. The balance between exotic, ethnic flavor and good taste can not be further calibrated.

The menu brings together the experience and expertise of other "Trocaderos", with a spectacular Spanish ham, superb croquettes and really excellent ingredients. We love those fish and grilled meats and their Thai fish version is excellent.

It has a very varied menu that is fantastic because you may come several times and not repeat dishes. It is also great to spend the entire day at the beach under the remarkable "long hair" parasols.

Recommended? not! NECESSARY! You can not miss it. Is one of those places that we love and are proud to have in Marbella and under Jose Carlos Salamanca´s hands could not be better orchestrated and cared to the minimum detail.

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  1. Muchísimas gracias por este artículo, que me llena de satisfacción y agradecimiento. Gracias Fernando. A tu disposición.

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