Trattoria Portobello in Sotogrande

I think that there is no one that does not like Italian food, and if it´s made with care and imagination, the success is assured.

Today I would like to recommend and tell you about a place that we really love: Trattoria Portobello in Sotogrande.

The Trattoria Portobello was first opened in the summer of 2.014. The owners wanted to create an Italian restaurant with special care of the product, with imagination and different from the usual Italian restaurants that we can normally find. In order to accomplish that goal, they count with their imagination, the willingness to impress and the search for excellence in all their dishes.

The restaurant has a very extensive menu, in which one can find antipasti, salads, risottos, pastas, pizzas, meat and fish dishes, and not to be left aside the homemade desserts that are really spectacular.

The Trattoria has a wood-fired oven in which pizzas, meat and fish dishes are made. This contributes to obtain special textures and exceptional flavors. All dishes are supervised by the Chef and owner Pablo Arroyo.

In the menu you can find marvelous dishes such us the octopus carpaccio, sicilian caponata, shrimp risotto, iberican ham pizza, italian burger, bocapizzas, etc...

The restaurant has a a magnificent terrace in which you will find a peaceful ambient, surrounded by orange trees and water fountains. Andiamo?

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